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Duration : 1min 39sec | Channel : Award winning campaigns: case studies
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Results and Effectiveness: Sales of CLASSIC BURGER to female customer was up to 213% compared to the previous month. It was featured in national TV network, as well as in happy voices of customers over their FACEBOOK pages, twitter and other social network media. ex: 「Having a burger on the first date was impossible, but this one helps me!.」 「Grabs women’s heart」 (FACEBOOK comment)

Creative Execution: With very small budget of printing new design to existing hamburger wrapper, We could lower the hesitation of female customers. The wrapper cleverly touched the female insight, and was instantly recognizable / talk-able / shareable, which was essential feature for quick service restaurant category. This unleashed their long kept desire to enjoy the burger care-free.
Also, gaining support of female customer to the product was important, as the Freshness Burger chain brand claims itself as a chain supporting natural lifestyle, well received by female, whose loyalty towards the chain was strengthened by the initiative. Insights, Strategy and the Idea: Objective was to increase sales of “Classic Burger” – the largest sized product- , to female customers, to whom the product was less popular.

INSIGHT: In Japan, to open mouth big is regarded as a bad manner, especially for young female. This was the insight that kept female customers away from enjoying the big Burger. STRATEGY: To lower the hesitation of female customers to eat a big hamburger, by taking away the worry of being seen as a bad mannered person. IDEA : Creating the hamburger wrapper that covers peoples mouth with NATURAL look, while opening a big mouth to eat the big burger.

Awards: Gold Spike

Agency: Dentsu East Japan

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