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Setting up a company page on Linkedin - Joao Ribeiro at the Social Media Day

Duration : 15min 24sec | Channel : Social Media Marketing Day
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Setting up a company page on Linkedin - Link "In" your company

Company Profiles are a powerful research tool that helps you find and explore potential companies to work for or do business with. Profiles feature a company overview, who you know at the company, and unique data from the LinkedIn network.
  • Understand the components of a company profile
  • Learn how to create a profile for your company
  • How to promote your services and products on your company profile 
Speaker: João Ribeiro, Michael Leander Company, Portugal

João Ribeiro was one of the presenters at the Social Media Marketing Day @Your Desk. Organized by Markedu. Other great events here:

Learn more about Michael Leander Company here

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