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Marketing tips for CMO's and professional marketers

Duration : 9min 42sec | Channel : Marketing interviews
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Marketing tips for CMO's (Chief Marketing Officers) and all marketing professionals. 

During this interview with APPM Michael Leander talks about different tips for marketers including AIDEA, (Attention Interest Desire Engagement Action) and ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

In my opinion there is something for all marketing professionals in this interview. 

The interview took place in conjunction with the APPM Congress in Lisbon, Portugal. The APPM Congress is the annual conference for the Portuguese Marketing Association. This years theme was "What CEO's want from CMO's". An excellent theme. 

Learn more about Michael Leander here and about APPM here

Michael Leander is an award winning international speaker. He speaks on a wide range of marketing topics around the world. 

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