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Lead generation and lead conversion talk with Jacques de Villiers from Google Hangout

Duration : 38min 2sec | Channel : Marketing interviews
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Are you getting enough qualified leads - a talk with Jacques de Villiers
In this Google Plus Hangout, professional speaker Jacques de Villiers answers questions about lead generation and lead conversion. He is interviewed by Michael Leander.

In the video, you will hear Jacques de Villiers elaborate on;

> the problem in lead generation today
> the challenge facing the marketing and sales silo's and how important it is to unsilo the efforts related to lead generation
> good advise on how to increase your lead generation and lead conversion effectiveness.

Residing in South Africa, Jacques de Villiers speaks about sales and sales manegement all over the world. You can learn more about him here.

f you want to learn more about Michael Leander you can do that here

 This video was done as a Google Plus Hangout session. 

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