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Jennifer Aniston's "Sex Tape" Smartwater viral campaign

Duration : 2min 45sec | Channel : Viral marketing & fun
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This video featuring Jennifer Aniston, has attracted nearly 400,000 YouTube views in one day, leading "Jennifer Aniston" to become a trending topic on Twitter.

"Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral" was filmed as an advertisement for water brand Smartwater and references several memes from YouTube videos that previously went viral.

Popular memes referred to in the video include "double rainbow guy," dancing CGI babies, and the 2009 video by Jonah Hill called "Cute Cuddly Kittens."

The Smartwater video ends with Aniston drinking from the water bottle and the advertising team suggesting the video be called "Jen Aniston's sex tape" - a fact that has been picked up byTwitter users and has no doubt helped raise the video's popularity.

However, though the response from YouTube users has generally been positive, some have reacted angrily to the video.

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