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Drayton Bird: Brought up in a pub and so what?

Duration : 2min 32sec | Channel : Marketing interviews
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Direct marketing guru Drayton Bird talks about how he got started. He mentions why being brought up in a pub was an advantage. He makes a case for the importance of understanding your customers.

Drayton Bird is the author of the direct marketing bestseller Commonsense Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing and the founder of EADIM - the European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing.

Watch for more content with Drayton who - by the way - worked alongside the legendary direct response advertising guru David Ogilvy and is a seriously good copy-writer himself - apart from being a highly regarded speaker about direct and interactive marketing topics.

Check one of his best-selling marketing books here

1.Posted by Michael Leander on 01/12/2011 8:50 PM
I cannot tell you how true this is. Drayton Bird makes this point again and again in his speeches and presentations. ANd it is an important one.
We need to pay attention to our customers. We all know it, yet most marketers fail miserably when it comes to understanding their customers.

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